Cairns Bed n Boat
Cairns Bed and Boat

Rent a 4WD Adventure Vehicle

Explore the region using one of Cairns BednBoat's 4WD adventure vehicles available for hire throughout your stay or as required. All hire cars are able to tow the boats so you can access local boat ramps if required.

In addition, if you just require a runaround car or something different, then Cairns BednBoat can access a number of different vehicles, delivered straight to your accommodation.

Toyota Troop Carrier

Cairns BednBoat's Troopy is a tough Toyota and and can just about climb a tree. It's also a great tow vehicle and can seat 7 at a squeeze. The large open back area can carry long fishing rods as well as all your other gear. The Troop Carrier is the perfect car for a group of stinky fisher folk.

Nissan Pathfinder Wagon

The Pathfinder is also a capable tow vehicle and the 5 seater is definitely more comfortable for touring or visiting Cairns' attractions such as the Daintree. The Pathfinder has every factory option fitted and fully automatic.

Cairns BednBoat can hire in other cars or buses as required.

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